Patient Stories

Every day counts…. This is probably true for everybody, but even more so for patients suffering from chronic kidney disease. CKD tends to get worse over time and sooner or later might come the day when dialysis becomes inevitable. But there is a lot patients can do themselves to slow the progression of the disease, like lifestyle and diet changes. 

Below you can read the stories of CKD patients from around the globe who have undergone those changes and are successful in slowing the progression of the disease. Read about their real experiences and insights, their routines, what has helped them to change their life and their advice to other patients. Fresenius Kabi is honored to share these stories of CKD patients to inspire other patients starting or continuing the therapy. 

A little more time can make a big difference ... here you can read how lifestyle and diet changes have helped CKD patients around the world to enjoy life without the need for dialysis.