Carlos and Wife


Age: 80 years

Length of Treatment: 5 years

Country: Ecuador

"My whole life has changed for the better"

Carlos' Story


My CKD was detected by chance after my heart attack. The doctors discovered the renal failure after several medical tests at the hospital. I live with my condition under one philosophy: to be devoted to my wife and my family, I dedicate myself only to them. I am grateful to my wife since I have been lucky enough to have her and she is an example for my children. I thank God for them!



I have always had a sweet tooth and loved sweets and meat. In my life I have enjoyed to eat well and to pamper myself with those little treats. However, with this disease I had to stop eating meat and many of those sweets and treats. That is when I realized that by not eating much protein, I feel lighter and I can move better. 



I like to have well organized days. I also like music and I love Ecuadorian music specifically. So, I listen and sing Ecuadorians songs all day. 





My whole life has changed for the better. It has been 2 years now and my diet has improved remarkably, and I have not ended up in a hospital by the way. Of course, with the help of my treatment..... We are very grateful for the support we had in the KetoCare centers in Ecuador. 






What I would say to everyone who listens to me is to save your lives! We are having so much treatments and good medicine and so much advanced medical technology that is would be a waste not to use it and put into practice all the good advice from doctors and nutritionists.



Carlos in front of house