Self-check Tools

Self-check Tools

In this area you can find some useful tools to help you manage CKD.

CKD Risk Assessment

Take this short test to know your kidney score: find out if you might already have silent chronic kidney disease.

Calculator for the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR)

The GFR describes how many millilitres of blood the tiny filters (glomeruli) in your kidneys can filter within one minute.

If the glomeruli are not filtering enough blood to keep the body in a healthy state, the kidneys have an impaired or reduced function.




Please fill in Serum creatinine value (0.1 - 10 mg/dL or 100 - 200 μmol/L), age (> 18) and weight (0 - 500 kg)

Stages of chronic kidney disease on the basis of GFR

Defined by the level of GFR, there are 5 stages of chronic kidney disease (according to NKF-KDOQI Guidelines [1]). Stage 1 is the earliest, while Stage 5 represents kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD), respectively.

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator

An important indicator for your general health and easy to calculate.

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Since at early stage patients may not suffer from any symptoms
often CKD is discovered via a routine blood and urine testing.