Nutrition and pre-dialysis

Nutrition is an important element in the management of chronic kidney disease. 

As you have to pay attention to several ingredients when changing your nutrition to a ‘kidney diet’, it is recommended that you receive training from a specialised dietician. Please ask your doctor about your individual nutrition requirements and about instructions from a dietician.

Nutrition and pre-dialysis

No special type of protein is recommended however moving towards
more vegetarian proteins might help against acidosis.

What is to be considered?

In general, for pre-dialysis stages it is recommended that your intake (or “kidney diet”) consists of:







In the Grocery Guide you will find some food suggestions that you can consider at your next grocery shopping trip.


>   Low amounts of protein

>   Sufficient calories

>   Low amounts of table salt (i.e. sodium)

>   Low amounts of phosphate

>   Low amounts of potassium

>   Variable amounts of calcium (depending on your indivdual needs, taking into account all different sources of calcium)

Want a little foretaste?

Food ingredients to watch out for in pre-dialysis

A low protein diet in every-day life


To support you in planning your cooking, we provide some recipes for a protein-reduced diet and a link to a Food Ingredient Calculator (a database where you can check, which amounts of different ingredients your meal contains).