Age: 40 Years

Length of Treatment: 1 Year

Country: Argentina

“My greatest motivation is my desire to feel good and to live my life to the fullest.”

Maria’s Story


The disease was detected as a result of a pre-surgical blood test. Since the creatinine and urea levels were found too high, the surgeon referred me to the nephrologist. After a biopsy, he confirmed the diagnosis of focal segmented glomerulus sclerosis. I never had symptoms. Now I try to go through the disease in a calm way. My biggest fears: a deterioration in my quality of life and having to wait too long for a transplant. I am very grateful to the medical team; they were always available to clarify my doubts.



At the beginning after the diagnosis my diet was incomplete because I did not have enough information. I went to the dietitian and she indicated a supplemented low protein diet to preserve my kidney function. I totally agreed, and my nutrition changed completely. Now I follow a varied diet, and it´s easy to comply.


I have two jobs; in the mornings I work in a public office and in the afternoon, I practice my profession. I have five beautiful children. My hobbies are photography and studying the Russian language. I also enjoy hiking and biking, and on the weekends, I take boat classes.



My family, dietitian and friends are my biggest help to maintain the treatment. My greatest motivation is my desire to feel good and live my life to the fullest.

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