Age: 70 Years

Length of Treatment: 7 Years

Country: Taiwan

“Having faith is the most important thing. Keep your heart still and have a clear mind.”

Jean’s Story


In the past, as a teacher, I was often surrounded by students asking about homework after classes, so I would hold back my urine and didn’t have time to drink water. Later, I had a car accident, my kidney was injured, and I found myself having bubbly urine, but there was no result after the doctor’s diagnosis, so I simply ignored it. About six or seven years ago, a student’s parent  - a internal medicine physician - advised me to check my body, only to find that my kidney function was affected, and I was already in stage 4 chronic kidney disease. When I first got it, I thought I was doomed, and I was shocked. It was my turn now that my body was wearing out after my parents passed away. Fortunately, from examination to treatment, I met many noble people helping me along the way.



My physician encouraged vegetarianism. Fortunately, I have eaten relatively little meat since I was a child. My cooking at home is usually very simple such as eggs, vegetables, tofu. The vegetables are boiled, then mixed with olive oil and a bit of seasoning, and I eat them with rice, steamed rice noodles or bean noodles. I rarely buy meat, most often I get vegetarian food only. After learning about the supplemented low-protein diet, I don’t even eat eggs anymore.


I sleep well every night and wake up at four or five o’clock. Nowadays I only teach composition. If you don’t stop your life, you won’t feel old. My hobbies are mountain climbing, traveling, and writing.



I have never thought of giving up because life is yours. You have to protect the life your parents have given you. There are many things I want to do, and I must maintain the course of treatment to achieve what I want to do.


Jeans Advice - If you don’t want to restrict your diet, ask yourself if you want to survive. There are many things that can be done, including diet. You will get used to it eventually.