Age: 28 Years

Length of Treatment: 4 Years

Country: Ecuador


“When I decided to take care of myself, I succeeded, and now I am better than ever.”

Guillermo’s Story


My kidney disease was detected at the age of 18 because I had uncontrolled high blood pressure with overt symptoms. Having hypertension at my age is not something normal, so my parents took me for tests which revealed I already had kidney damage. At first it was difficult, since I did not accept my illness, I consumed all the foods that were not allowed for my condition. After a while I began to think about my parents, myself and my future and I took the decision to start taking care of myself. I try to follow all the recommendations given by my nutritionist. I have learned to eat better. It has been 4 years of teaching and learning together with my nephrologist and my nutritionist.



Since the decision to start taking care of myself though, I have not consumed any red meat. In my diet I only include white meat and protein in the portion that my nutritionist recommends according to my disease and weight. The urge to consume red meat and processed foods has disappeared.

I have seen many changes in me, I feel more active, I look healthier, now I can sleep peacefully knowing that by following my therapy of supplemented reduced protein diet I will improve my kidney function.


I can lead a normal life; I feel better and happy seeing that my values have improved. Every day I get up between 6:00 - 6:30 a.m., I do exercises, I take a shower and get ready to go out to work in a medical center. I like spending time with my family and doing exercises, every week I hangout 2 or 3 times with my friends and spend time with my girlfriend.



My relatives, my girlfriend, my nephrologist, and my nutritionist. My motivation is to achieve everything I ever wanted without my kidney disease being an impediment.

I am very grateful to my parents: without their help I would not be able to tell this story, they are my strength and my desire to move forward.


Guillermos Advice - Do not be afraid and dare to take care of and protect your kidneys.  When I decided to take care of myself, I succeeded, and now I am better than ever.
Guillermo’s Story