Age: 55 years

Length of Treatment: 5 years

Country: Argentina

"Thanks to my therapy and the support of my medical team, I could preserve my kidney function for years now"

Mariano's Story


I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in a cardiological routine checkup. I had high blood pressure and my doctor asked me to do some blood tests. We saw that creatinine was elevated and I had proteinuria, too. I was referred to a nephrologist and then to a nutritionist who taught me how to adapt my diet and reduce proteins. I was very afraid of not being able to comply with the recommendations given by my medical team and therefore needing dialysis sooner or later. 



The initial proposal was to reduce meat intake, losing some weight and starting some physical activity that I actually enjoy now. When I started it, it was very difficult: I had a sedentary life, I worked in an office sitting all day and I smoked two cigarettes per day. After some time, I started to feel better as benefit of my changes. LIttle by little, I stopped smoking and began to do some physical activity. 


Thanks to this and the support of my medical team, I could preserve my kidney function until now. I do not smoke anymore and I am now a good cook. I learned to create tasty of food without added salt and to incorporate a variety of vegetables that I had never thought of before. 



My daily routine begins with an early breakfast, with almond milk and whole grain bread with homemade jams that my nutritionist taught me to prepare. Then I walk 40 minutes per day on the treadmill and go to the office. I try to meet with my friends to play paddle tennis 3 times a week and I swim twice a week. I feel very good now, but it was not easy. 


My family was a big support. I also received medical and nutritional counselling all the time. I must highlight the work of the young people from Nutrihome (Argentina) who called me monthly to help me with my treatment. They are very kind and so helpful in the treatment support. 






I recommend to other patients not to be overcome by fear - it is possible. Of course, it depends a lot on the support you have from your family and the medical-nutritional team. They are permanently with you to guide you without judging or rushing the progress.




Mariano with Puppy