Age: 56 years

Length of Treatment: 1 year

Country: Colombia

"Since I started my treatment of a supplemented protein-reduced diet, I can make my exercises, go out, walk and do all my activities without any problem."

Diana's Story


I was diagnosed with CKD through some routine exams that I took. My biggest fear has always been to go on dialysis. I live really well; the treatment of supplemented protein-reduced diet has been the best for me. Before I started it, I felt very tired, but now I can do my exercises, go out, walk and do all my activities without any problem. Now I have the energy to do a lot of things and I feel really good. 



It has been a great process. I have tried new food, learned new preparations and delicious recipes. It doesn't feel like a restrictive or difficult diet, quite the opposite. I feel eating delicious and healthy, and this makes me feel full of energy and happiness. In fact, I received very good comments about my appearance, everybody tells me that I look great. 




I always start my day with a thankful prayer, then I do my daily activities: prepare my meals (an activity that I enjoy), do exercises, my personal duties and I finish my day playing with my cat (who has been an important emotional support) and watching some TV show with my husband. 





My husband, my children and my cat. I want to keep feeling so vital and happy to share many years with them. 







My biggest advice is not to see the diagnosis as the end. I don't see it as a disease, I see it as a status or a health condition that is treatable and manageable and that allows you to live well.




Diana and dietician