Age: 63 Years

Length of Treatment: 2 Years

Country: Chile

“Due to the nutritional therapy, I have been able to keep my lab values stable and compensated.”

Nancy’s Story


6 years ago I had a checkup because I was suffering from a bad headache. At my workplace, there was a physical therapist: he measured my blood pressure and told me that I had high blood pressure. I went to the cardiologist and underwent a full check-up; the doctor told me from my creatinine results that I have a kidney damage and referred me to a nephrologist. I felt very surprised because I had no other symptoms.

For me it was terrible, and I couldn’t believe what was happening, so I began to learn about Chronic Kidney Disease, a subject that I was totally unaware of.  My biggest fear is being hospitalized and the doctor telling me that I can’t do more, and I must start dialysis. I try to do everything my doctor and nutritionist tell me, because due to their advices, I have been able to keep my disease stable and compensated.


The most difficult thing for me is the issue of food, not being able to eat what other people eat. But what I can’t eat I don’t eat it, or if I do, it is in small quantities. It is a salvation to delay the start of dialysis.



I still work despite being retired due to my illness. I thank my employer because he has kept me in my job: my best ally is work because it creates a routine. After work I rest, go out for a walk, and tend to my own garden.



I am thankful to everyone: my nutritionist who helped me to have a healthier regimen, my nephrologist who recommended this treatment, my son who encouraged me to follow the treatment.

Nancys Advice - I would advise that there is always a solution, that you dare to use this therapy. Patients who want and can, should start with this treatment to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.