Spaghetti with eggplant & black olives
100 g Spaghetti (proteinreduced), uncooked
50 g Eggplants, fresh
25 g Olives black
5 ml Olive oil
2 g Celery, garlic, oregano
30 ml Basic tomato sauce (tomato pureed with herbs)
Carrot puree with bread
200 g Carrots, fresh
30 g Margarine
10 ml Olive oil
20 ml Cream (30% fat)
¼ g (1 pinch) Pepper, fresh
50 g Bread (protein-reduced)
Semolina pudding
100 ml Water
10 g Sugar
10 g Butter
2 g Cinnamon
10 g Semolina
25 ml Cream (30% fat)
5 g Vanilla sugar

Cooking Instructions

Starter: Spaghetti with eggplant and black olives

Cut the eggplants in wide strips and sprinkle with salt. After a few hours wash the salt off with lots of water and dry off with a paper towel. Then fry in pan and place on a paper towel in order to take off the excess oil. Cut them in slices. In the same pan braise the olives, the diced celery, the chopped garlic and the black olives in some oil. Add the basic sauce and the eggplant and cook at high temperature. Finally add the pasta and simmer for some minutes. Before serving, sprinkle some oregano.


Second course: Carrot puree

Dice the carrots and bring to a boil in some water. When cooked puree them in a mixer to a homogenous mass. Replace into the pot add some lukewarm water, the vegetablen margarine and the cream. Cook until puree has the desired consistency. Sprinkle a little white pepper and a basil leaf.


Dessert: Semolina pudding

Bring butter, water and the cream to the boil. Add the semolina and boil as well. Add the sugar while stirring constantly at lower temperature for app 25–30 minutes. Sprinkle some sugar into two pudding forms, let it caramelize and then fi ll in with the still boiling pudding. Sprinkle with cinnamon and vanilla sugar, place in the refrigerator and serve cold.

General information

Difficulty: 4 of 5

Nutritional information

1,081 kcal Energy
7,3 g Protein
212 mg Phos­phate
1,184 mg Sodium
1,140 mg Potassium
1 portion – calculated for a person of 70 kg