compote of vegetables


Risotto with pumpkin blossoms
60 g Rice, uncooked
20 g Courgettes green, fresh
20 g Onions, fresh
50 g Pumpkin blossoms, fresh
20 ml Olive oil
2 g Parsley
Compote of vegetable and tomatoes with bread
80 g Silver beets, cooked
50 g Potatoes, cooked
20 g Beans, cooked
25 g Celery, fresh
5 g Parsley
5 g Garlic, fresh
80 g Tomato pulp
15 ml Olive oil
60 g Bread (protein-reduced)

Cooking Instructions

Starter: Risotto with pumpkin blossoms

Braise the courgette with the onions in oil. At the same time, cook the rice in the previously described manner. Cut the pumpkin blossoms into stripes, taking off the inner parts fi rst. Mix pumpkin blossoms and rice and let them soak at high temperature. Add some water to complete cooking, let cook for 7–10 minutes. Before serving, sprinkle with sufficient parsley.

Second course: Compote of vegetable and tomatoes

Braise the parsley, garlic, and celery (cut in sticks) in some oil. Add the chopped silver beet, the cooked potatoes in pieces, beans or cooked chickpeas and simmer. Then add the tomato sauce and simmer again for some minutes.


Dessert: Cooked pears

Place the peeled pears in a casserole dish with a high rim. Dissolve the sugar in water and add to the pears. Cook for at least 30 minutes at medium heat. Remove the pears from the casserole dish and place on plates.

General Information

Difficulty: 3 of 5

Nutritional Information

926 kcal Energy
10,2 g Protein
242 mg Phosphate
237 mg Sodium
1066 mg Potassium
1 portion – calculated for a person of 70 kg