Spaghetti with courgette
50 g Spaghetti (proteinreduced), uncooked
10 ml Olive oil
30 ml Basic tomato sauce (tomato pureed with herbs)
25 g Courgettes, green, fresh
1 g Garlic and sage
Artichockes a la Forentina
200 g Artichokes, fresh
30 g Rice, cooked
50 g Spinach, cooked
20 ml Cream (30% fat)
20 g Butter
30 ml Béchamel sauce (sauce Hollandaise, tinned)
1 g Nutmeg
30 g Bread (proteinreduced)
Fruit sorbet
200 g Apricots, fresh
5 ml Lemon juice
150 g Sugar

Cooking Instructions

Starter: Spaghetti with courgette

Cut the courgette in slices and place them in a pan together with sage and chopped garlic. Add the basic tomato sauce and the pasta al dente. Leave in the hot pan for some minutes, sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving.


Second course: Artichokes alla Fiorentina

Remove the outer hard leaves of the artichokes, also the stem and the thorns. Thus you have artichoke ‘containers’ which you can fill. Boil in water with lemon juice or a lemon slice for at least 5 minutes. Once drained, dry off well and place them into a pan, covering them with the warm cream and melted butter to let them simmer. Place in a baking panrubbed with butter. Place the spinach into the cooking water of the artichokes and the soaked protein-reduced bread or the rice. Fill the artichokes with the filling, cover with béchamel sauce, add sufficient grated nutmeg and scallop in the oven at high temperature.


Dessert: Fruit sorbet

Dissolve sugar in water, making it syrupy. Shortly before boiling, remove from the heat. The fruits for sorbets can be rather large, like peaches, pears, apricots, melons, bananas. Peel the fruits and place them in a mixer together with a little lemon juice. Add the sugar-syrup to the jam and make ice cream in accordance with the instruction of the machine.

General Information

Difficulty: 3 of 5

Nutritional Information

871 kcal Energy
11,2 g Protein
313 mg Phosphate
261 mg Sodium
1568 mg Potassium
1 portion – calculated for a person of 70 kg